The daily log, as stated in RSMo 167.031, is to be your defense in a court of law if your are ever accused of educational negligence.  Missouri law states that the student shall receive 1000 hours of instruction.  600 Core hours should be in the subjects of reading, math, science, history, and language while 400 non core hours in the subjects of your choice.  Basically, this law is your attendance record.  Many other states require that you record daily attendance but Missouri wants to see hourly proof of attendance.  This is the reason I created a record book, the Missouri Homeschool Daily Log (  It has everything you need to record the hours for 8 subjects for an entire year in one convenient book.  Its simple format will make it easy for you to track the hours and summarize the semester and yearly totals.  I sure wish someone had handed this book to me when I first started homeschooling 10 years ago!