In light of my recent posting about losing hours quickly due to illness and interruptions, it has come to my mind for the first time since I’ve been homeschooling to add a few extra hours of school work when I can.  This way if you do get ill then you won’t feel rushed to play catch up. Before last week I was an entire week behind on school (and its only the end of September!), since we were only doing a four day school week I just decided to pick up on the extra two days so I could be on schedule again. I know I’m behind and it is just so easy to stress but thankfully I am now only 15 hours behind and quite sure that I can repeat what I did last week to completely catch up. Wisdom, however, now suggests that in the future I start adding an hour or two extra here or there on smooth days to build a cushion into my school week. That way when illness or schedule disruptions strike I don’t have to be stressed over what is not getting done because I will know that I already have time built up to offset those bad weeks.