Grammar workbooks are my bane.  Somewhere out there I am sure exists a grammar book that isn’t going to bring  frustration and a bunch of  busywork that leaves teachers wondering what sadistic person thought to put 50 sentences to diagram on each page and then have you spend valuable time grading those same sentences.  I’ve never like diagraming sentences and I’ve NEVER liked grammar workbooks. 

Easy Grammar – tried it, started to like it, hated it.  

A Beka Grammar – well laid out year after year after year the same old, same old thing.  Do you get the idea that it is repetitively redundant???

Winston Grammar – Scared of it simply by the looks.

Jensen’s Grammar – Teacher sleeps through book.

Bob Jones Grammar – Easier version of  A Beka.

But finally I think I have found something that makes grammar an interesting subject to pursue.  Our Mother Tongue by Nancy Wilson is a brilliantly simple approach to understanding grammar “without bringing your soul down to Sheol.”  I have thoroughly looked it over and found simple explanations for higher grammar that even my fifth grader can handle while being able to catch myself up on things I must have *hmhmmm” missed in public school.