Sometimes creative writing can be a crisis when you are all out of ideas.  Until recently that is the slump we had found ourselves in.   Being a blog writer however; I am also a blog reader.  One particular blog has caught my attention is past weeks, not only for its written content but because of the excellent photography.  

On a particular day several of the photos caught my whimsy.  I loved them and I made one my desktop wallpaper.  After several days of staring at this particular picture I couldn’t help but make up imaginary stories in my mind. The geese in the picture kept coming to life and I found that my children where just as captivated by the photo as I was. 

That was when it hit me!  Here was our writing prompt we had been waiting for. Delighted with the prospect of being able to find inspiration anywhere on the web during the dreary winter weather I have begun collecting pictures for dull days.  My seven year old tells his story orally to all of us; while my older children write in their notebooks.  Here we have covered language for the day in one session for all age groups.