The more a family grows the more the need for a schedule becomes apparent. Daily schedules are one of the key components to having a successful homeschool day with your children.  It sure would have been helpful knowing this little bit of information back when I first started homeschooling.  It seemed like such an unimportant detail until I constantly found myself behind with housework/chores or behind with teaching. I spent several grumpy years fluttering like a butterfly from flower to flower – always in a hurry but never feeling like I was accomplishing very much.

Then one day I came across this awesome website called Flylady. It was an eye opener for me.  Daily school teaching was easy because I knew that I could just open my curriculum and do what was lined out for me to do that day but housework was a different story. I was a terrible housekeeper especially trying to focus on homeschooling and taking care of small children’s needs.  There just never seemed to be the time to clean up.  Until Flylady! When I ran across her website I got so excited.  It was like a curriculum book for cleaning your house and it didn’t take much time everyday. Granted there is a lot of stuff to wade through on the website but her daily email reminders got me on the right track for scheduling my housework. I don’t use her daily routines anymore because she taught me how to take care of my home. 

Most of all I learned at this time that a schedule is the key to a successful and pleasant day. When I schedule school I make sure to schedule my housework as well and I make sure that I am not responsible for all of it – every child helps with some task. Now I’m not embarrassed if someone pops in unexpectedly because I know that everything is tidy and dusted.