New homeschooling families who are learning the ropes often have the same questions. “Now that I’m homeschooling what do I do with those 400 non core hours?” Those 400 hours fall into the area of elective subjects.

Here is a short list of everything those non core hours could contain.

  1. Foreign Language
  2. Arts & Crafts
  3. Music
  4. Woodworking
  5. Home Economics
  6. Computers
  7. Scrapbooking
  8. Photography
  9. Physical Education
  10. Bible Study
  11. Gardening (although this could easily go under science)
  12. Household Management
  13. Work Skills/Ethics
  14. Animal Husbandry (another one that could easily go under science)
  15. Learning a trade

Some of these are a little redundant but it is enough to give you an idea. Any hobby that you love and do on a frequent basis can fall into non core hours. When my daughter was younger she spent A LOT of time learning sign language as it was her new interest. I marked her time spent doing that under non core hours. My son has spent much time taking care of our chickens and overseeing the flock and learning what their needs are – this is animal husbandry.