Today I’ve spent the day trying to reprioritize my schedule and goals. It always happens during the year that shifts in the books we are using and in chores and other routines ends up throwing us off our daily schedule which makes for just more than a little bit of chaos in the house.

After another morning of pandamonious schooling –the toddler being into everything, nursing the baby, answering questions on three different subjects going on at the time and the five year old whining that he was bored — I realized my schedule had been undermined and compromised. During lunch we had a board meeting pointing out the haphazard way our days were going and I pointed us all back to the schedule of peace and happy days.

This required me to be more diligent in finding preschool worksheets for my five year old. Since part of his boredom is waiting on his teacher to create worksheets for him (like writing his name) then I decided I need to find something to make that tedious task much more enjoyable. After doing a search and trying out several handwriting worksheet generators I settled on this one from as producing the most professional worksheet with multiple lines, ability to choose font size, page orientation, and more.