After having so much fun with all the other puzzles I’ve run across in the last few days (here and here) I decided to hunt for a word search maker. What I found what an awesome teacher resource page from Discovery Education. Not only is there an entire page devoted to making puzzles (math, crossword, cryptograms, word scrambles, and more) but there are also some great links to Unit Studies in all subject areas. (Keep in mind that if you are teaching Creation Science that Discovery science units are going to be filled with the theory of evolution.)

We are learning the history of Africa this year and I was delighted to find an entire Unit Study complete with a few videos on Africa that we can explore and learn from. There are units on literature, science, health (a VERY interesting one on digestion especially – H.S. level) and mathematics, weather, and more. They also have three different grade levels to browse. The best thing about it – the resources are free except for some printer ink.

Go ahead and browse around and see if you find it to be a useful resource and leave me some feedback and what YOU think!