I was going to write some great blog about creativity and organizing stuff and show you my latest stroke of genius but the six-year-old is belting out “I’m leaving on a jet plane…” (yes, I’ve warped him with John Denver) and the other three-year-old is singing a ditty from White Christmas and the eight-year-old is mixing in the doxology here and there pretty much effectively eliminating any clear thought pattern that may develop….and yet I managed to write this.

However, I would like to state that the reason they are all singing at the top of their lungs is because they are enjoying coloring and the reason they are enjoying coloring is two-fold. They can find the crayons AND they can find the colors they want readily available because….(drumroll please)….of this….

Parmesan cheese containers make great crayon organizers! TA DA!
Notice the pretty doily Petra made for me…