If you are like me chances are you have looked far and wide for a teacher planning book that will fit your lifestyle. I know I’ve bought dozens of them over the years and even made my own finally. This year is different. Browsing through home school books over at Christian Book Distributors once again landed me in the teacher’ plan book section. It was a real hallelujah moment for me to see the featured product of the day – The Well Planned Day. (This link actually takes you to sample pages of the planner) I am amazed at the pure genius of the person who designed it. I was tickled pink it had the weekly catechism in it. There is a place for the dinner menu, shopping lists, chore lists, reading list, a calender, a place to record bills that needed to be paid all in one spot.   You can use it for one student or 4. Go and see if it isn’t exactly what you have been looking for!