Now that we have started back to school for almost two months it is time to tweek that schedule I posted. Originally, I set my cell phone to chime the schedule changes but for some reason it has gone beserk and is sounding any thing and everything and mixing up the titles of my hours. What I really want is a striking clock but considering that they run from 50 to 500 dollars it appears that I won’t be getting one in the near future. 

Some of you make be shaking your head and thinking you just can’t be that scheduled and that your life certainly can not be so rigid as to maintaining a schedule hour by hour. A schedule should be your friend. Remember that you control your schedule and not visa versa. Which is why I find myself a month into school rearranging the things that do not appear to be working well.

My schedule is not my task master because I am the master of the schedule. One year I had our home school schedule posted on the refrigerator and the children had one of their friends over. He approached the schedule and stood their reading it for some time at which point he turns around to my daughter and says, “Wow, do ya’ll do all that?” To which my daughter replies,”No, that is just our schedule.” Now, I’m sure none of you have had a moment like this in your home school life where you felt an inch tall and wanted to pop your child in the back of the head and go “what!?”

The funny thing about that whole conversation was that she was right. We didn’t keep to the schedule just like it was on the refrigerator. After company left I marched her over to that schedule and I pointed to each item on the list, “do you do this?–yes, and this?–yes.” “Did you do everything on the schedule today?” “Yes.” “Did we do it exactly at that hour?” “No.” And this is how a good schedule is supposed to be. It is a guide to your day not the dictator. It helps the day to flow productively by serving as a reminder to what is next on the agenda.