Ugh…I made a mistake. I tried to change my method of teaching this year from Charlotte Mason to something more structured because I wanted something easy to record on official paper – it was a bad idea. The interaction between everyone when we read the same history lesson together is missing. It makes me feel more like the hall monitor, standing over the tops of shoulders staring at workbooks instead of laughing, sharing, and learning at the same time. It has already been a source of frustration every single day since we’ve tried to start school this past week.

Isn’t funny how we can quickly become afraid that we’re doing things wrong. That maybe we won’t measure up to the standards. Standards….whose standards? The public schools? The neighbors? Church family? The entire point to our homeschooling was to recreate a more efficient and free method of learning. One where the student gets involved and is eager to learn instead of groaning at the next lesson or crying out of intimidation of the thousand problems in his math book today. Is the goal to learn or to keep them busy? Is the goal to teach something or have it look good on paper?

This is why I appreciate what a friend of mine had to say in her recent post on homeschooling…

There is no perfect curriculum, and thinking that your homeschool can look exactly like some other family’s homeschool is just absurd. We’ve spent the first few years of our homeschooling journey paving our own homeschool road. It looks like no other family’s we know. But it’s us. It works. Everyone is thriving. ~Kathi (A Heart Like Water)

 I read it before I started this school week which has flailed and sputtered like an airplane running out of gas. And somewhere during one of those days I sat down toread it again…

Will my children ever be able to take a standardized test? Honestly, I don’t know because I’ve never given them one. But I DO KNOW they have what it takes to live, to work, to love. They can read, write, make intelligent observations, work hard, and aren’t afraid to talk to any one of any age level despite their age. My children find it just as natural to talk to adults as to talk to other children. And I realize…these ARE our goals and that others may look at them as strange and different but we aren’t living their life and God didn’t intend for us to be just like them. He gave our family its own unique character and I LOVE it. Next week will be different. I’m refueling the plane and cherishing the fact that we are different, we don’t look like any other family that we know. It works and everyone is thriving! Thanks Kathi! I needed some perspective!