Get a Grip! Handwriting is for Strong Hands!

Get a grip!

Let’s face it. Most boys despise handwriting exercises. “That’s girly stuff.” Even my husband thinks so and his handwriting is perfectly sloppy. I have noticed that he winces when I say so and even caught him at times trying to write neater for me. (Ah, the joys of married bliss.) My father has beautiful handwriting and I can’t imagine why boys think they are exempt from attaining this goal. This “girly”mentality doesn’t satisfy me as a mother of four boys. So here are a few tactics I’m going to employ in the battle for manly handwriting this year.

  • Writing builds muscles in the hand. EVERY boy wants strong muscles!
  • Strong disciplined hands can win tug of war battles.
  • Lewis & Clark – the great explorers of the Louisiana Territory kept a journal. On UNLINED paper and we can still read it today.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s handwriting was nice AND legible.
  • Someday you may be hanging from a cliff by your fingers and you’ll have your Mom to thank for all those well spent hours of building muscles in your fingers through handwriting.
  • Someday your child might be hanging from a cliff and you have to pull them up with your finger tips.
  • Climbing ropes takes strong hands and fingers.

Maybe we’ll start having hand warm ups before handwriting to encourage them in this area with a pair of gripmasters or hand exercise ball.

2 thoughts on “Get a Grip! Handwriting is for Strong Hands!

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  2. Just made me think of Rock Climbing. If you don’t have strong hands and fingers you wont last very long. You’d be surprised how much forearm and finger strength it takes.

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