Get a grip!

Let’s face it. Most boys despise handwriting exercises. “That’s girly stuff.” Even my husband thinks so and his handwriting is perfectly sloppy. I have noticed that he winces when I say so and even caught him at times trying to write neater for me. (Ah, the joys of married bliss.) My father has beautiful handwriting and I can’t imagine why boys think they are exempt from attaining this goal. This “girly”mentality doesn’t satisfy me as a mother of four boys. So here are a few tactics I’m going to employ in the battle for manly handwriting this year.

  • Writing builds muscles in the hand. EVERY boy wants strong muscles!
  • Strong disciplined hands can win tug of war battles.
  • Lewis & Clark – the great explorers of the Louisiana Territory kept a journal. On UNLINED paper and we can still read it today.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s handwriting was nice AND legible.
  • Someday you may be hanging from a cliff by your fingers and you’ll have your Mom to thank for all those well spent hours of building muscles in your fingers through handwriting.
  • Someday your child might be hanging from a cliff and you have to pull them up with your finger tips.
  • Climbing ropes takes strong hands and fingers.

Maybe we’ll start having hand warm ups before handwriting to encourage them in this area with a pair of gripmasters or hand exercise ball.