Around mid-November the school days get a little crazy with the arrival of the redneck “Holy” days also known as deer season here in Missouri. The school hours begin to be picked off here and there until we finally let off for Thanksgiving week. Honestly, I can’t do school AND prepare for Thanksgiving meals at the same time? To add to the maywho,  Thanksgiving is nothing more than a festive kick off for the Christmas season. Looking at the logs books and the curriculum guides; suddenly I feel I’m not going to make it through December sane.

Here are some suggestions…

  1. Cut out History and Science books led by the teacher. If you have older children give them some silent reading in these areas if you don’t feel comfortable with putting these subjects on hold
  2. Keep Math & Language/Reading because these are the things that suffer from student amnesia when there is an extended break.
  3. Make sure you log arts and crafts time…(gift wrapping, church plays, Christmas parties games, helping Mom with things)
  4. Make sure you include Home economics. (bread baking, Christmas cookie baking, cake baking, holiday meals preparation)
  5. Don’t let your logging book leak hours. Did your son grab a book in his spare time and expertly read to his sister for thirty minutes? Log it!  Did sister practice setting the table  beautifully for dinner? Log it under home economics (or life skills as we call it) Did your child occupy themselves earnestly with making a gift for Dad? Are they immersed in a reading a book they found at the library? Log it! Did they go outside and build a winter fort? Log it!


Enjoy the holidays and look for hours you are missing! It surprised me the first time someone brought it to my attention just how many times I was “teaching” something and I didn’t realize I was teaching. During the holidays (and even beyond)we discount real life learning experiences as school hours. Don’t do it! Make sure you include real life learning on your log book!!