My eleven year old son asked several weeks ago if we could study World War II. His interest was fuel by the fact that his Great Grandpa was part of it. It always excites me when my children begin asking for things to read that interest them. We began our search for living books about World War II. Here are a few that  we have found…

The simplest approach to explaining World War 2. I really like this one as a basic introduction that can be expanded upon later. You can find it on Amazon.
This book is very detailed and way too much information for smaller children. Perfect for the tweens on up.Sometimes it contained items of interest that I didn’t really find beneficial to the book.
I’m really excited to be getting this book. I expect that it will be everything I thought World War II for Kids would be. Simple and straightforward.
This was a very good book to read to children of all ages. It gives a picture of US life during World War II. I highly recommend it. It is an endearing story.
An autobiography about being a young man living in the US during World War 2.

If you have found any great children’s book on World War 2 please feel free to share them in the comment section!