MHAHIstory has never been one of my favorite subjects and I have sifted through book after book to find one that I can tolerate with my children. We discovered Drive Through History on Netflix a few years ago and promptly flew through all of the videos they have available. The following year I purchased several audio lectures by Diana Waring. I liked those but my children thought her puns and giggling where a bit much.

Now that my older two have graduated I found that it was time to go back to the Mystery of History that I used for them on their younger brothers. EXCEPT I had sold my books and I remember the tedious hours of reading to children who aren’t listening and how frustrating it can be and I didn’t want to go there again. I bore myself when I read aloud. So it was to my delight that I found The Mystery of History is now on audio! Check it out over at Christian Book Distributors. Now we like to listen to history while we eat our lunch or while on the road and knock out two things at a time!