We’ve been working through Exploring Creation Through Botany really slow around here. The sheer wordiness of this particular volume versus the amount of pertinent information on the subject has really disappointed me. The amount of educational information found in most chapters could easily be summed up in one day.  Despite this, however, I like the books and plan to continue through the series.


Today, while the boys are working on the anatomy of a seed I am preparing a fill in brochure for chapter 5. I bought the Junior Notebooking Journal that goes with the text and I’ve been more than a little disappointed with the messy format and have been making and preparing my own type of pre-made notebooking lapbooking worksheets.

I thought I would share my day’s “home work” with you. You can find the Seed Dispersal Brochure by clicking this link. It is my hope that this will save you a little preparation time and provide a fun, creative outlet for your children as they learn about seed dispersal.