When I first started this blog way back when I only had two children. I loved to sit down and blog ideas and research and answers to my own questions. I never dreamed it would get the traffic every day that it does. Now, I often feel quite guilty that I don’t post more now but life has expanded and the children now number 7 with one on the way. It got harder to post since because I have been keeping up with life AND school.

We have ended up doing school all year long because we often take nice weather breaks and Mom’s too tired to help with Math breaks. However, when summer comes I just hate to stay with traditional learning. It still seems to me that summer should be fun. Which means today, I’m sitting down with my brainstorming tools; my sister over at Streetfire Designs, the internet,  and those old fashioned tools – paper and pencil.

I’m looking for inexpensive things… simple recycled craft ideas, outdoor excursions, fun workbook pages for the rainy days. Those are a few off the top of my head. However, I’m really looking for something with that extra little bit of fun. Things we haven’t experienced yet.

Join me today while I brainstorm! Here are a few of my favorite websites to start from…

What are your favorite internet stops for fun ideas to do with your children?