Some are merely trying to escape Mom’s notice. 

Keeping all the children from wandering from the room when they have completed their assignments or chores can be a monumental seeming task. At least it is for me. Currently I’m homeschooling five and nursing an infant. Although I have a plan/schedule life doesn’t necessarily follow it and by the time I am able to get onto the next assignment my children have wandered to the four corners of the house or property. Most days I honestly felt like I was a cowboy trying to rope a calf from the back of a Momma cow nursing her baby.

This spring I had a lucid moment after a particulary hard day when I couldn’t get anything done because of a unhappy baby and scattered children. I made a flow chart. Now, I particulary love charts, lists, and organizers and why I hadn’t thought of this before escaped me but this is what I did:


The next problem was what all the lowing that went up from the calves stuff in the corral and it didn’t take an hour to come up with the next step:

wpid-img_20150818_123242.jpgThe only thing that has kept this from working for me is my inconsistancy in directing them to the first flow chart. Once you have done one thing on the list of things to do you have to mark that off and start on another. That way they don’t draw ALL day but participate in flash cards, and letters, and colors, and drawing.