imageI spent a little time this morning on Pinterest looking for a reading log for teachers but I only found one for students. I really needed a log for my portfolia to document what chapters, pages, or percentage (think Kindle) I read to the children everyday. This morning I created one since I couldn’t find it and I will share it with you. Above is what it looks like filled when I filled it out. After I worked with it a bit I realized I left out a place for the weekly dates and plugged a spot in for that. Although I didn’t include it in my example you easily document the minutes spent reading if you are more interested keeping track of your hours instead of pages. The beauty of this simple format is that you can use your creativity to embellish it. Click the picture below to download the log for your own personal use. Be sure the “fit to page” box is checked before you print.

Reading Log

Let me know if you found this useful! I always enjoy feedback, it encourages me to keep going knowing that others find my forms helpful.