The other day I was watching my husband chop wood when he suddenly handed me the ax. I was a little taken back. Me?! Chop wood? This was ridiculous. I’m 41. I’m not a physically fit person. AND I hate being laughed at… but I was comfortable with being laughed because my husband seemed confidant that I could do it.

Much to my surprise… I DID IT! I split two large pieces of wood much easier than I thought possible. I didn’t expect to make any progress but here I was splitting wood. It really built my confidence plus I learned a really great lesson in the process that I really want to focus on for our children.

The lesson here is to hand them something and say, “Hey, I have confidence that you can do this! GIVE IT A TRY.” Momma, they may just surprise you! Stop taking over and doing it for them. Don’t accept an I can’t. Convince them they can! If they get a knotted up stick that takes forever to split on the first try don’t let them give up because every stick isn’t that tough.

Now, you are smart enough to know I am not advocating giving your small children an ax to split wood…. apply it to your home school life, your everyday life, your kitchen life, your financial life. Don’t take over what they are trying to accomplish or you send small messages implying they are a failure because they are too slow, too clumsy, too inexperienced. Hand them the tools and say, “Here you go! Go do it! I know you can.” They may end up surprising themselves at what they can do.