There is nothing I love so much as a quaint used book shop. If your little town doesn’t have one however, the next best thing is the flea market or local version of a Goodwill. Living books abound and often you can find some really great old Classic books for only a couple dollars or less. Frequent visits to these places result in successful book hunts and a slightly smaller wallet although much cheaper than buying them all brand new!

This past semester of school my thoughts were already hammering out what general area of study we would pursue next school year when one stress busting day I found myself in a resale shop wishing I had a latte in one hand and headphones piping The Curious George soundtrack. Sitting right in front of me on  the shelves were several British History living books and biographies, one being an anthology of Bristish Literature. Right next to it on the shelf sat, “Stories from Dickens.” A simpler written book for younger children. Just like that I had a new passion for next year and the book finds in the next couple of months were rewarding to say the least!


I’m especially excited for More About Boy by Roald Dahl and we may just kick our school year off by going to see the movie based on his book The BFG which just happens to be released on July 1st, the official first legal day here in Missouri of the 2016-1017 school year.

To add to the books already discovered I needed a few weightier ones for my son entering into high school. I wanted to have something more tangible that would require high school based assignments, clear direction, and a portfolio of graded work so that making his high school transcript would be easier. You can imagine my excitement when I found British History and British Literature by Christian Educator, Dr. James Stobaugh. You can read the review by Cathy Duffy here: British History and for the British Literature. Not only did it provide a great option for High School, the scope and sequence provided a helpful guide to direct my younger children in the age appropriate books I already found. And that anthology of British Literature I found… well, it just so happened to have all the books in it that I needed for Stobaugh’s British Literature.

So grab your children and your iced coffee and head to the resale shop this week. Let me know what y’all find! I’d love to see!

Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all. 

~Henry David Thoreau