Primer, Alpha, Beta, Gamma,Delta, Epsilon…What does the Greek alphabet have to do with arithmetic?  Everything when you are using Math U See! Years ago frustrated with my inability to be a great math teacher I began researching math curriculum. I had used A Beka, Modern Curriculum Press Math, a few small workbooks but we were really struggling to find a current we could swim in and build up our strength.

That year I bought Math U See for the first time. It came with a teaching DVD that you could watch as a parent and teach or watch together with your child. As a former military brat with large learning gaps in math this was a great asset. Another asset was Steve Demme’s awesome teaching style. My children enjoyed his personable manners. My husband even noticed MY improvement in math over the years and I gained much confidence. Math U See has received several awards through the years and they deserve each one.

Now that I have that  improved confidence -thanks to Steve Demme – it gave me the ability to see through the years a few things I would have liked to known at the beginning:

  • If you start with this curriculum you will need to finish with this curriculum. In other words, if you end up wanting to switch math programs your child will struggle very hard to make the change since there will be lots of gaps. This is because he only teaches one part of math per year, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division… For instance, at the end of Alpha your child only knows how to add. At the end of Beta your child knows how to add and subtract.
  • Supplement with real life math applications. My children know knew how “do the math” but had no idea when and where to use it. Give serious attention to this and don’t assume they are picking up the connection between their math and real life. That was my mistake. I’ve been surprised on more than one occasion when they brought me something that they were more than masters at and didn’t know what process to use.