It makes me climb the walls, especially when it happens on the. very. first. day. of. school. The arrival of the highly anticipated first day of school met  with the promise of  congested internet and various error messages and a call from the husband that we had to make an appearance in town on unexpected business. Still trying to recover the most out of the situation we decided to grab a great family lunch together only to spend 20 minutes trying to find a restaurant that we like open. We ended up grabbing McDonald’s and eating it back at his office so he wouldn’t be late. From there I head home for an hour or two of school before I start dinner. At this point, the toddler begins to fuss at my feet and cry for me to pick him up. You guessed it. He has a fever.

On day two of the new school year I’m trying to navigate new curriculum while holding a clingy, feverish toddler. All those special projects in my plan book for hands on crafts and learning, lets just say we’re lucky we made it through the reading portions. We still managed to learn who Thales was and how to measure the heighth of a tree without climbing it. Thanks to Teaching Textbooks Math -the next episode in our math adventure – the boys navigated their math without me. 

I was disappointed to not actually be able to go out and measure our tree. That can be done later. The new notebooks for Science weren’t handed out so they could journal about Thales. We barely got through the phonics flashcards with the girlies. I sigh… when will we  EVER have a normal school day?

This day, however, has not been a home school failure. It was a day when the toddler was lovingly passed  from brother to brother who would then bestow his head with kisses and sympathy. They learned the responsibility of setting aside their play to offer compassion and care. They took turns filling up the medicine dropper with electrolyte water so that we could make sure he stayed hydrated. The house has been voluntarily quiet (and that is something!) to allow him to sleep well when he napped. Currently, the sick toddler is bored with laying around and hydration so biggest brother is escorting him on a “backpack” tour outside while they all play soldiers.

Today we are logging hours in compassion for humanity; a lesson that is far more valuable than math, reading, writing, science and history combined.