In the course of my life I’ve tried, like many homeschool mom’s before me, to add income to our household through various work at home companies like Mary Kay and Tupperware. We’ve tried raising and selling organically grown and then butchered chickens on our little hobby farm. None of these “jobs” every really went anywhere. As a matter of fact, they sucked more out of our finances then they put back (unless you’re counting the value of experience). Perhaps we lacked the passion and charisma to get people on board and/or the platform from which to do that.

Truth be told, it is true, I don’t have the charisma of a salesperson. I’m not the “cheerleader” type. I’m serious and I’m dedicated. Conviction drives me but I’m not going to make an effort to try to convince you to make a sale for my sake because that isn’t who I am.

After all these years and a really accurate personality test from I’ve come to realize that I’m not a “seller” because I’m an investor.

Homeschooling my children has been my passion because I want to invest into their lives specific experiences, modes of education, travel when able, and the ability to learn more than what is defined in a public school.

Not only am I investing in this manner but also in the manner of our health. For years I’ve studied alternative medicines. It intrigues me. We’ve been thankful over the years to have to make a limited number of trips to the doctor. There have been many times that I have been grateful for the medical community! However, herbs and oils are my passion, another investment that I’m making in our lives. The benefits to our family have been numerous and I’ve been thankful to the Lord for His many benefits He has provided for us.

I’m happy to share my experience with oils. Happy to talk about the quality of Young Living oils. Happy to talk about the benefits they can be to us but I’m not going to “sell”them to you. When I think of these oils, I think of the bible verse that says, “buy and do not sell…” This is how valuable they are to me. I also think about the portion in Revelation where God says “but do not hurt the oil.” What a generosity to His people that the oils that benefit us will not be hurt!

In this house we use oils. My son enjoys clary sage to support his lungs and comfort him during an asthma attack. When extra stamina for a busy day is needed we reach for Valor. When I’m particulary moody without reason my children love to slip Peace and Calming into the diffuser. Stress Away is so relaxing to smell that I love to apply it before bed. When the baby is cranky he loves it when I rub Peace and Calming on the bottom of his feet.

If you are considering investing in Young Living oils too you can go to my website and look around by clicking the following image.